Friday, February 4, 2011

Google Doubleclick for Publishers: Optimize Ad Performance

Previously known as Google Ad Mangager, Doubleclick for Publishers is a powerful tool that helps you optimize ad revenue across your sites and pagers.  If you want to work with multiple ad networks (BBN, AdSesne, Olive etc.), then you should give DFP a look.

DFP comes in two flavors - "Small Business" which is free, and DFP which is a paid-for version.  I'm still looking into the differences between the two.

DFP lets you:
  • define your Ad Units and optionally group them into Placements
  • create Orders with one or more Line Items targeted to particular Ad Units or Placements
  • rules to define what ads should show when -> for example, run ads from my BBN Network for my N. American visitors but use AdSense everywhere else.  Things like that.
  • you can pass targeting information in from your pages, and then have DFP target ads based on those parameters.  For instance, if you know that a site visitor is 'female' based on your site's profiling capabilities you can pass that to DFP and have it target ads based on gender.
  • you can also use DFP to promote your inventory to the sister product Doubleclick For Advertisers.
A pretty cool product - one that I'll be posting more about.

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